As a disclaimer, this is far from a comprehensive list of genders, sexualities, kinks, etc. This generator is to be used as a prompt starting block and I highly encourage exploration of terms and topics that do not appear on these lists. 

Hey everyone, my friend empty-crayon-box made a cool generator for you guys!  Like she said, sexuality’s an immense and individualistic thing so there’s no way for all options to be included in one generator, but this could be a good starting point if you’re having trouble coming up with diverse characters.  Remember, if you get something you’re not familiar with, make sure to do some research before you try writing it, and researching things beyond these lists is a good idea too <3

To play: click and drag each gif, or take a screenshot of the whole thing.


Quite a few people requested some form of trait/personality generator, and here’s the result!  I wanted to keep it vague enough that the options could work for any universe, be it modern, fantasy, scifi, or anything else, so these are really just the basics. Remember that a character is much more than a list of traits, and this should only be used as a starting point– I tried to include a variety of things, but further development is definitely a must.

Could pair well with the gender and sexuality generator.

To Play: Click and drag each gif, or if that isn’t working/you’re on mobile, just take a screenshot of the whole thing (multiple screenshots may be required if you want more than one trait from each category).

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Fuck it. (:

I need to let myself be happy with what I have.

I am so happy right now.

I am enjoying the company of some great friends that I have lost touch with, but now they’re here and I’m so glad they are! This trip has been the highlight of my summer so far. I have had so much fun, and met some great new people!

I have it well right now. I need to just be.



Pretty soon, our favorite superheroes will once again save the world, or… They’ll avenge it. Whether it’s seeing Iron Man playin’ with new toys, Captain America rockin’ his new awesome suit, Superman back in action, or a new Batman makin’ his debut, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a comic fan.

Marvel and DC, by Jasric.

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so fucking beautiful i am in love







One of the best moments of my childhood.



I can’t even tell you how excited I was that they turned this book into a movie and it was good

I literally have absolutely no complaints with the movie at all. Once, my friend and I did comparisons from the book and the movie, and we found the only major difference was the fact that Stanley wasn’t heavy set when he arrived at the camp in the movie. The majority of the script is raw quotations from the book.
This is my favorite book to movie adaptation and it did everything Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and The Golden Compass didn’t.

yesss this was such a good book and film

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