One of the best moments of my childhood.



I can’t even tell you how excited I was that they turned this book into a movie and it was good

I literally have absolutely no complaints with the movie at all. Once, my friend and I did comparisons from the book and the movie, and we found the only major difference was the fact that Stanley wasn’t heavy set when he arrived at the camp in the movie. The majority of the script is raw quotations from the book.
This is my favorite book to movie adaptation and it did everything Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and The Golden Compass didn’t.

yesss this was such a good book and film

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god just like. the sheer irony of the fact that mary shelley wrote frankenstein when she was still a teenager. a teenage girl. founder of modern sci fi story telling. and yet now teenage girls are sneered at when they show an interest in ~nerd culture~ and sci fi. i just. man. 

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“not all men are like that” factoid actualy just statistical error. average man is like that. Chivalry Georg, who lives in cave & advances feminism each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

This Summer

has been perfect. I’ve been traveling a lot and learning about myself. I am happy. I’m going camping next weekend and hanging out with a couple of my best friends and just having fun. In Tennessee. Ah! I’ve never even been there! I’m very excited. I’m lucky that my boss has been cool enough to give me the time off. I’ve been eating better and just overall improving! I feel lucky.

life feel good post stammatime


I love traveling. I wish I could just travel forever and never settle. Or travel until I find that perfect place. And then settle. Traveling has been good for me though. Like very cathartic. Maybe I won’t stay in Ohio, maybe I’ll go somewhere else and settle there. And put down new roots with my love. Start a new life, start my business. And just grow.

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Reasons why October is the best month:

  • Cold but dry weather 
  • Everything is pretty colours
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin coffee
  • Everything being made to look spooky
  • Horror movies on TV all the time
  • Halloween
  • Jumper weather
  • Dressing up as scary things
  • Hot drinks
  • Lots of sweets

The smell of dying leaves

If u don’t like October get the FUCK outta my house


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